Asbestos roofs on police quarters being replaced

The government is slowly phasing out asbestos roofing on police houses as the same has been listed as one of the leading causes of lung and stomach cancers in the world.

And speaking to KNA on Monday, Malindi OCPD, Matawa Muchangi said asbestos rooftops on police houses at Malindi station were being replaced with iron sheets.

It has been known for years now that inhaling asbestos particles can cause cancer and lung diseases. That is why there is a need to replace them with iron sheets, Muchangi said, adding that many of the roofs at the Malindi station were old and damaged, making them even more dangerous.

According to National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), asbestos’ containing materials must not be re-used, recovered, recycled or offered for sale as it becomes a problem because over time, the material releases fiber which could remain suspended in the air for hours.

NEMA maintains that exposure to air containing the fibers increased the risk of inhaling the fibers and developing the associated diseases.

However, the police boss said: After removing the asbestos, we dig a deep pit like a grave, cement the bottom and the sides and then put the hazardous waste wrapped in polythene paper. We then cover the top of the disposal pit by cementing it and mark that place so that nobody can interfere with it.

Source: Kenya News Agency