Archbishop Ole Sapit: Let peace prevail in our nation

Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit of the Anglican Church of Kenya has today preached peace to residents of Bungoma County and Kenya as a whole.

Sapit asked the church to be a good example to the County of Bungoma and the neighboring Counties by enhancing peace and team work. He was speaking during in the inauguration ceremony of Rev. Wycliffe Ademba Kadudu as a provost at St. Chrispins A.C.K. Diocese of Bungoma.

The Archbishop asked the well-wishers in the County to give support to the needy children who have not yet joined high school. He said that they have paid the school fees of a student who did well in last year K.C.P.E and had not yet joined form one who will be admitted in Bungoma High School next term.

I want this church to work hand in hand with all people to promote peace and development not only in Bungoma County but also in other counties in Kenya and also help those needy children in the County who lack school fees, Sapit said.

However the Archbishop asked all Anglican clergy to work together and stop having differences in the church. He moved the headquarters of the Anglican Church in Bungoma from St. Mathews Cathedral in Webuye Diocese to St. Chrispins Bungoma Diocese because of the differences among the clergy in St. Mathews.

He further asked all the politicians in the Country to stop politicking and wait until 2022 and embark on driving the development agenda forward in the country.

He challenged all politicians to fulfil and deliver what they promised the people in their manifestos.

He asked the people to desist from being shaken by the political wave in the whole country that brings misunderstanding to people.

Source: Kenya News Agency