AP boss Grilled In Baby Pendo Inquest

A Senior Administration Police Officer was taken to task during an inquest into the death of baby Samantha Pendo to explain where officers under his command were deployed in Kisumu in August last year

Kisumu Central Sub-County AP Commander, Benjamin Koima disagreed with a deployment before court which indicated that between five to six administrations officers working under him were deployed at Nyalenda area, where baby Pendo was said to have been clobbered to death.

According to the document, the AP’s were among other regular police officers deployed to quell protests in the area, following the announcement of the August 8, 2017 Presidential Election results.

Koima said he didn’t know the origin of the document since the operation was jointly conducted between him and the County Police Commander.

In the document, one of his officers identified as Erick Chirchir is said to have been on duty at Nyalenda, but the AP boss differed with the record saying according to his duty rooster between August 6 and 12, 2017 the said officer had been allocated other duties.

Koima told the court that the officer had been attached to the Immigration Department, Nyanza region office and therefore could not have been in Nyalenda when the incident occurred.

Another officer, Cleophas Ochieng whose name appears on the deployment order before court, he claimed, was part of his security detail and was not deployed to Nyalenda during that period.

Kenya Human Rights Lawyer, Richard Onsongo and the Law Society of Kenya lawyer, Charles Onyango asked Koima to come out clearly on the whereabouts of his officers during the operation.

The lawyers requested the AP boss to avail a duty roster for August 13 to 19, 2017 to be produced as exhibit number 16 in the inquiry.

Koima made an application requesting the court to allow him to get a lawyer to represent him in the inquest.

Kisumu Senior Resident Magistrate, Beryl Omollo said Koima was free to get a counsel to represent him.

The magistrate further summoned Inspector Mohammed Ali who was one of the senior officers commanding the operation in Nyalenda to attend the next court proceedings.

The court adjourned at 1 pm. The next hearing was set for July 9, 2018 to give Koima more time to look for a counsel to represent him.

Baby Samantha Pendo who has become the face of last year’s post-election skirmishes was allegedly clobbered by police at her parents’ house in Nyalenda slums.

She succumbed to injuries while receiving treatment at Agha Khan Hospital in Kisumu.

Source: Kenya News Agency