Anti-IEBC Demos Paralyse Business in Kisumu

Business came to a standstill as demonstrations by National Super Alliance (NASA) supporters in Kisumu turned violent.

Police were forced to lob tear gas canisters to disperse demonstrators who barricaded roads using stones and used tires which they set ablaze disrupting traffic flow.

At the main bus park, they pelted stones at police officers who attempted to unblock the Kisumu Nairobi Highway for traffic to flow.

The demonstrations called to push for ouster of alongside other officials turned ugly as the protestors engaged police in running battles.

Businesses within the Central Business District were closed down as the protestors vowed to soldier on until they reach the IEBC offices.

They were joined by Kisumu Senator Fred Outa and Women Representative Rose Buyu, as they attempted to make their way to the IEBC offices but were repulsed by police officers.

They pelted stones at police officers who were keeping vigil across major streets within the lake side city prompting more police action.

They took issue with attempts by Jubilee legislators to make amendments to the election laws terming the gesture as a move towards political sabotage.

For NASA to head to the ballot, they demanded that Chiloba be removed from the commission claiming he was directly involved in the events that bungled the August 8 election.

We shall carry on with these demonstrations until our demands are met, said Victor Onyango, one of the protestors.

Source: Kenya News Agency