Anti Corruption Demonstration Aborts After Youths Invade Hotel, Hold Organizers Hostage

A planed demonstration against corruption in national and county governments aborted in Siaya on Wednesday when goons raided a hotel and held the organisers hostage.

The goons who usually trail local politicians pounced on the unsuspecting organisers who had just finished briefing the media at White Hotel along the Siaya � Kisumu road and roughed up anybody within the compound.

Attempts by the hotel security guard to lock the gates failed after he was overpowered and pushed to a corner, as the youths confiscated white scarves branded Jowi and whistles that the protesters were to use during the demonstration.

The demonstration organisers led by the Director of Jowi movement, Dr. Kevin Osuri were forced to sneak out of the hotel through the back door and drove off to Kisumu, but not before accusing top county government officials of hiring goons to disrupt a licensed peaceful demonstration that was to culminate with a rally at Ahindi Garden.

I am aware that the goons, led by one David Achola, were summoned at the county government headquarters and given money to organise youths to disrupt our event, said Osuri adding that they had notified the police of the event and even paid the county government for use of Ahindi Garden.

Osuri, who was flanked by University of Nairobi student leader, Jimmy Magero and the Chairman of the Alego/Usonga students association, James Odhiambo claimed that Siaya county government was the citadel of corruption and that was the reason that its leadership had to hire goons to disrupt the event for fear that their evil schemes would be laid in the open.

He however, vowed to make a comeback with a bigger demonstration against the corrupt that were strangling both national and county economy.

Earlier, while briefing the media, Osuri lamented that no one from Siaya wants to be associated with the county as a result of weak leadership and massive corruption.

A mention of the name Siaya would previously elicit admiration across the country. Today, however, we hide in shame when Siaya is mentioned for all you will get in form of a response will be reminders of weak and comical leadership, wasted devolved funds and corruption. We have become the laughing stock of the country because we have allowed poor leadership to determine our destiny, he said.

He said that Jowi anti corruption movement is determined to clean up the counties and the national government, adding that it was a countrywide movement of the brave and free.

Jowi is the proverbial sword that slays the corrupt, the thieves and liars, said the medical doctor

Dr. Osuri said that Jowi will push for sacking and prosecution of all crooks, adding that they were working closely with the directorate of criminal investigations, the directorate of public prosecutions and other agencies to ensure this was achieved.

Source: Kenya News Agency