Amorous boda boda rider loses bike, cash to “Mpango wa Kando’s” husband

An amorous motor bike taxi ( boda boda) operator from Kangundo sub county in Machakos County is ruing the day he decided to engage in an illicit affair with a neighbor’s wife.

It is apparent this was not the first time the rider, Joseph Mwania Muli who plies his trade at the small village of Maiuni in Kangundo was enjoying an illicit liaison with one Ms Mary Mbaika who is legally married to Mr. Johnstone Munyaka from the area.

In an audio recording, released to witnesses and the media, Munyaka claims Muli, the boda boda man had made it a habit of taking his wife to his home for illicit trysts.

But it is the events of last Saturday that left Muli dazed and financially crippled. On that day, the rider was caught enjoying the forbidden fruit red handed , by none other than Munyaka, in the company of several witnesses, who included the local assistant chief, Ms Consolatta David.

To compensate Mr Munyaka for partaking into pleasures not belonging to him, the rider lost his only motorbike and a hundred thousand shillings!

Indeed it must have been a scene meant for the movies as the ‘intruders’ raided Muli’s house and rudely interrupted his daytime passionate tackle.

Cornered, embarrassed, totally unnerved and fearing for the worst, the two illicit lovebirds, clad in their birthday suits, had no choice but to plead with the intruders to their stolen passion rendezvous to spare their lives.

After lengthy pleadings with the husband of the cheating wife, their prayers were answered but with conditions. I made him write and sign a note giving me his motor bike as compensation. I also recorded him pledging to pay me an additional one hundred thousand shillings Munyaka told the media.

Further, Munyaka made an audio recording of the self-confession of Muli and that of his wife admitting to the sin of infidelity. Muli is also heard in the audio in possession by the media, admitting the sin and as a consequent has released his motor bike, a Skygo machine, registration number KMCU983A to the offended Munyaka.

In a question and answer approach Munyaka is heard instructing Muli to introduce himself and narrate his transgressions. Mbaika is then asked to do the same and she dutifully introduces herself as the wife of Munyaka.

What happened? she is questioned to which she replies in a shaken voice. I was caught in bed with Muli. Is it good? she is plodded to which she replies in the negative.

A similar message is contained in a Kikamba handwritten note on which four persons among them Munyaka himself have appended their names, ID card numbers and signatures as witnesses to the lurid event. And to give a seal of legitimacy, Ms David has also appended her signature and officially stamped it.

Loosely, translated, the note dated August 12, 2017 says as follows:I, Joseph Mwania Muli ID 24197869 on the date of 12/8/2017, I have been found in a compromising situation with the legally wedded wife of Johnstone Munyaka Mutua ID23639162 whose name is Mary Mbaika Muthiani. As compensation of this I have given Munyaka my motorbike, Registration KMCU983A. It then tabulates the witnesses starting with Munyaka and finally the Assistant chief seals it with her official stamp.

Munyaka’s move has been the talk of popular morning shows in Kikamba vernacular FM radio stations, where callers have been airing a variety of opinions on the issue. While some have praised Munyaka for not harming the promiscuous couple as is wont in many similar situations, others expressed suspicion that he might have conspired with his wife to set up Muli and defraud him of his bike.

Others expressed anger that he did not harm Muli. If it had been me, said one apparently irate male caller, I would have chopped off the man’s member and divorced the wife on the spot. I can’t live with that shame.

In the audio, Munyaka who claims to be born again says he chose to forgive his wife and is praying hard for her get saved and mend her ways!

Source: Kenya News Agency