Amendments to constitution opposed

Proposals by sections of the clergy to amend the Constitution to pave way for creation of new positions in the executive have been opposed by a section of leaders and residents in Nakuru.

The Ewaso Nyiro South Development Authority Director ,Ndogo Waweru said the move was a recipe for constitutional crisis in the country.

Speaking in Nakuru, Waweru, who is also a former civic leader, said drafters of the current Constitution envisioned a leaner executive to enhance efficiency, save tax payers money and limit political squabbling in public service delivery.

The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK ) through its Secretary General, Peter Karanja and Anglican Church Head Bishop, Jackson Ole Sapit have led the clergy in calling for reforms in the Constitution to create new positions to accommodate opposition leaders in a more inclusive government.

According to the proposal, the prime minister and his two deputies would be appointed by the president and be answerable to him.

The former civic leader said the country’s Constitution was too young to undergo such a major amendments that required a referendum.

The Chairman to Barut Youth Outreach Group, Etale Onyino who led members to KNA offices in Nakuru on Tuesday said the move was tailored to continuously engage the country in a politicking mood.

We need to bring a closure to political rhetoric. Kenyans need to move on and fix their income generating activities. This idea of creating political positions is only aggravating a tense situation, he said.

The Chairlady of Sirigoi Women Group in Lalwet Mary Mosigisi said attempts to create a coalition government through the back door should not be entertained.

We are not in a crisis. All our MPs should get back to work and conduct their legislative duty that will include vetting cabinet appointees. Most institutions both in the public and private sector have been operating below optimum levels due to heightened political activities, she noted.

Another resident pastor Fanuel Onyango of New Revival Church in Free Area noted that as long as the president- elect was committed to unifying the nation, he saw no need of amending the constitution to accommodate individuals.

We cannot be playing around with the constitution every time we hold elections to accommodate a few individuals with personal interests. It is not about tribes being allocated top leadership positions in the government. It’s about able Kenyans taking over management of our country’s affairs, he said.

Source: Kenya News Agency