Amend constitution for posterity

Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit Sunday warned against piecemeal constitutional amendments in the country.

Ole Sapit said the prevailing political tensions could not be resolved by amendments meant to benefit just a select political class.

The Archbishop made the remarks at the St. Thomas Cathedral in Kerugoya Town of Kirinyaga County after a Sunday service cum fundraiser for a church project.

He said any constitutional changes should be for posterity and not for the convenience of a particular group or individual politicians.

Ole Sapit said the much-talked about amendments after October 26,2017 presidential repeat polls should not be a conversation for just a few individuals but should include all Kenyans.

When we hear this or that interest group is lobbying for the constitutional amendments to create positions for certain individuals then we know the country is headed the wrong direction, he said.

Without contradicting National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) Secretary General Secretary Peter Karanja whose organisation recently recommended for the creation of the Prime Minister’s position, such a move would only cure symptoms and not the cause of the disease, Ole Sapit said.

Karanja had in his view said that such a position would provide a soft landing for those who lose the presidential seat hence ending political tensions in future.

But Ole Sapit was of a different opinion saying constitutional amendments or any changes on the constitution should be undertaken with care and caution considering its importance in holding the country united.

The church Head hailed the government for imposing a total ban on logging within the gazetted forests to avoid the acute water shortage Kenyans have witnessed for years.

He called on the government to re-gazette all other forests which had been de-gazetted as its commitment to the cause of environmental conservation.

As a church we believe that environmental conservation is one of the guiding pillars and we encourage the flock to plant many trees both in their farms and public land , he said.

The County Women Representative Wangui Ngirichi assured the church she will always champion for support of all its activities.

I will always be there in my own small way to assist church projects since no nation can prosper without the spiritual aspect, she said.

Source: Kenya News Agency