Allocate more funds for special education, government told

The government has been requested to allocate more funds to support education and training for children with special needs.

The Chairperson of Kenya Society for Deaf Children, Francis Ng’ang’a has noted that many schools for children with special needs lack necessary equipment and face acute shortage of teaching personnel occasioned by poor funding.

Ng’ang’a who was speaking at Murang’a School for the hearing impaired on Thursday said the institutions also lack enough support staff as teachers cannot fully handle the children by themselves.

He accused politicians of failing to champion needs of the children with various forms of disabilities, saying such children end up not realising their full potential in education.

It was a pity that presently politicians are working towards increasing their salaries while others are seeking to have more security officers attached to them, forgetting to advocate and set funds to promote welfare of the less fortunate in our society, he noted.

Meanwhile, the chairman said his organization will engage security officers to apprehend parents who hide their children with special needs.

He said such children should be taken to special schools for training, stating that hiding them at homes is an offense.

Ng’ang’a who is a former Secretary General of KNUT, observed that for a long time, children suffering from various forms of disabilities have been neglected by the society and condemned to live dependent lives.

He said any parent who is unable to enroll their children in schools for any reason should inform the society for assistance, adding that they are committed to ensure all children with any other form of disability are educated.

Ng’ang’a noted that there are countless schools for the hearing impaired children in the county and that there is no excuse for any parent not to educate their children.

Educating them, he added, is the only way to secure their future and to help them become independent adults.

He said deaf children stream into the country from neighbouring countries like Rwanda, Botswana and Tanzania to take advantage of local schools yet so many local deaf children are not enrolled.

In case your child is both deaf and blind, then there are schools such as the one in Kabarnet that caters for such children, the chairman added.

Source: Kenya News Agency