The Kenya Airports Authority acting Managing Director, Yatich Kangugo, has refuted claims that Kenyan airports are facing imminent attacks from the Somalia-based Al-Shabaab militant group.

Kangugo on Monday attributed reports that the airports are being targeted by the Al-Shabaab to an internal memo which was prematurely leaked by an official with the authority who has since been identified, and who did so without following the procedures laid down.

The memo, which was sent to all airport managers, had warned of planned attacks to be staged at the end of February and in early March, targeting domestic flights.

“Unfortunately, the information was released prematurely without awaiting the due verification by the threat assessment experts from the National Aviation Security Committee and other security agencies,” said Kangugo.

He told the media that KAA officers, together with those from other national security organs, had increased vigilance to counter any potential threat.

“The KAA is aware of the prevailing global terrorism threat by, among others, Al-shabaab, who have issued public threats against Kenya,” he said.

He added that security within all airports had been beefed up, and called on all travelers and other relevant stakeholders to remain calm as there was no cause for alarm.

“The aviation industry is very sensitive to all security matters. We take proactive action on any intelligence info however frivolous it may seem,” he said.

Source: KBC