Alcoholic Chiefs to be treated

Chiefs and their assistants from Bomet County who have a drinking problem are set to undergo rehabilitation.

The Bomet County Commissioner, Geoffrey Omoding made the announcement on Tuesday after concerns were raised that some chiefs were so much into alcoholism that they could not discharge their duties as expected.

Omoding said one of the chiefs was already undergoing an inpatient rehabilitation programme in Nakuru, saying five others have been identified and have been earmarked for admission.

He said alcoholism was a disease that could hamper the administrators’ daily duties especially getting rid of illicit brews and maintenance of law and order.

Addiction is a disease that can affect anybody regardless of which alcohol one is taking, whether licensed or unlicensed outlets. Fortunately, alcoholism is treatable and the Government will support victims, Omonding said.

He made the remarks during a joint security meeting comprising chiefs and heads of Courts, Police, Prisons, Forest and Criminal investigations departments among others held at St. Bhakita Hall Bomet.

Omoding however, said there were cases of individuals who were just arrogant and do things contrary to expectations only to blame alcohol and warned that such officers will not be tolerated.

Source: Kenya News Agency