Alcohol still the leading cause of social evils in Kiambu despite crackdown

Unemployment, alcoholism and substance abuse are some of the major challenges affecting youth in Kiambu County.

Subsequently, most unemployed youth in the area are best known for idling around illegal dens selling illicit brews, after engaging in the few available manual jobs.

Speaking to KNA on Saturday, Kihiga location Chief, Antony Kariuki attributed increased crime rate in the area to idle youth and illicit alcohol, noting that despite concerted efforts by both the county and national governments, many young people were still trapped in the menace.

Violent criminal attacks including, rape, mugging and armed carjacking are increasingly being associated with the youth these days, lamented Kariuki.

The chief noted that despite the very strong will by Governor Ferdinand Waititu to fight illicit brews in Kiambu, youths in the area have continued to engage in criminal activities while under the influence of alcohol.

The governor has been in the limelight to face the vice head on but residents are still suffering, he said.

However, Kariuki urges the county government to not to relent on the war, noting that drunkenness has ruined lives of many youths who would have otherwise contributed immensely to development of the region.

He called on the local youths to remain focused and join the jua kali sector instead of waiting for white collar jobs which were not forthcoming.

On his part, George Njuguna, a taxi driver in Kiambu town appealed to the County Government to consider setting side a revolving fund for the youth where they could access affordable credit to start income generating projects.

This will deter the youth from idling around begging for money to drink, he noted.

Source: Kenya News Agency