Alarm Over Presence of Foreign Militia

Marsabit County Governor, Ambassador Ukur Yatani, has cautioned political leaders and the media against propagating messages of hate, saying this could plunge the county into chaos.

Ambassador Yatani, particularly took issue with statements he alleged were made by a section of local politicians regarding the attack of school children in Songa area over the weekend in which one was killed, terming them hostile.

The Governor claimed in a press statement issued through his spokesman, Barilleh Abdubah, that the said politicians who include a sitting Member of Parliament (MP) and a gubernatorial seat candidate were planning militia activities and a such were a threat to the general security situation in the County.

These politicians are planning to host and plan militia activities in Saku Sub-county, he claimed and asked the county security organ to take action.

Amb. Yatani complained that his appeal to the security apparatus in several instances to consider decisive action against such activities in an effort to save Marsabit County have been ignored.

He appealed to the security organs to ensure that the existing strong social bonding measures laid by the government and the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) where every citizen co-exist in harmony is not lost.

The Governor sensationally claimed that foreign militia groups from MarMar, BorBor, Wachile areas of Southern Ethiopian were perpetuating covert criminal operations in the area in which 22 lives have been lost in the last two years.

Presently, these groups are roaming large in an organized societal like organization and I am appealing to the government to make an early move to flush out these foreign elements so as to forestall a repeat of incidences that could trigger large scale security concerns, he said in the statement.

According to the Governor, the alleged militia group is also responsible for past poaching incidences reported both in Marsabit National Park and part of Isiolo.

At the same time, Amb. Yatani called for the immediate closure of a local FM radio Station which broadcasts in vernacular accusing it of airing content that in nature, borders around incitement.

The Governor appealed to the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) and the Media Council of Kenya to take appropriate action against the station which he says has a targeted audience both in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Marsabit Central Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) in which Saku falls, Mr Joseph Nyankwara, asked the leadership to make formal report with relevant authorities instead of making allegations through the media and public rallies.

Mr Nyankwara, however, said that security agents have been investigating the allegations but no tangible evidence has been found concerning the matter.

The DCC assured residents of Marsabit that the government will provide them with security during the campaigns, polling time and after the General Elections hence they should continue with their day to day affairs as usual.

The Administrator also warned that anybody found to engage in criminal activities will be dealt with according to the law and asked leaders to preach and practice peace.

Source: Kenya News Agency