Alarm Over Counterfeit Electronics and Beauty Products

The Anti-Counterfeit Authority has raised alarm over increasing cases of counterfeit electronics and beauty products in the local market.

The Agency’s official in charge of Western Kenya region Mr. Martin Luther Bwangah said many unsuspecting Kenyans were being lured to buy the fake products due to low pricing.

If you want to know fake products, check the packaging which is normally poorly done, Bwangah said, adding that the most counterfeited products are mobile handsets, chargers, batteries, sockets and women products.

The official has cautioned Kenyans to desist from purchasing the products due to serious side effects they portend. For instance, fake electronic goods can cause lots of destruction, while body lotions have side effects on one’s body, he said.

He said there are 17 cases pending in Kisumu Court and a number of substandard goods have been seized and destroyed.

Source: Kenya News Agency