Airtel launches New Product

Airtel Kenya on Monday launched the UnlimiNET 20 Daily Bundle, a new product that will enable customers stay connected to the Internet and communicate through voice and SMS on affordable bundles.

The UnlimiNET 20 joins the other Airtel UnlimiNET plans which were unveiled last year which consists of talk time, SMS and data bundles.

Launching the product at a Nairobi hotel, Airtel Kenya Chief Executive Officer, Adil El Youssefi said customers using the service will only purchase the bundle using Shs. 20 which will be automatically deducted from their airtime after subscribing.

Customers on the Airtel network can access the UnlimiNET plans by dialling *544#

“After purchasing the bundle the user will get eight minutes of talk time and 20 sms’s across all networks in addition to 20 MBs and free Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp after their data runs out”, added Youssefi.

He noted that the product is also designed to enable customers remain connected to their social and professional networks all day without the worry of running out of MBs.

The CEO said the bundle subscriptions have been divided into three whereby customers can choose to be daily, weekly or monthly subscribers.

“We have improved our network coverage as most of the towns in Kenya now have access to 3G network”, stated Mr. Youssefi.

He announced that the company also has plans of launching the 4G Internet connectivity later in the year.

Youssefi, however, noted that the launch of the 4G had delayed due to limited access to frequencies, adding that the company is still holding talks with the government to be allocated more frequencies for faster Internet connectivity.

Airtel is a global telecommunications service provider operating in 20 countries across Africa and Asia with over 300 million customers.

By Diana Kimathi/Bernadette Khaduli

Source: KNA