Africa has the capacity to determine its own destiny and interventions by the Africa Union (AU) in conflicts around the continent clearly indicate that the continent has the ability to provide home-grown solutions to its problems, says Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto.

Speaking when he represented President Uhuru Kenyatta at the United Nations Great Lakes Peace, Security and Co-operation Summit in the Angolan capital Wednesday, he called instead for reforms to the United Nations Security Council to give Africa more representation in it.

“Majority of the decisions of the UN are about Africa and it will only make sense if Africa is given more say to make decisions on the same,” he said.

Referring to peace and security in the Great Lakes sub-region, Ruto urged all partners to remain committed to attaining the benchmarks set towards the realization of its long-term stability and development.

“While there has been significant progress in the implementation of the commitments under the PSC (Peace, Security and Co-operation) Framework, the current peace and security situation in the region requires our unwavering support and attention,” he said.

He singled out security and political tensions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Sudan and Burundi which he said required urgent attention from the global community.

“The recent movement of South Sudan fighters to DRC territory, albeit on humanitarian grounds, clearly complicates the already unstable situation in the eastern DRC and presents a challenge that the region and the international community should address immediately,” added Ruto.

He hoped that a conducive environment will be created for the South Sudanese soldiers to return home and help in building their nation.

Referring to Burundi, he said Kenya supported the East Africa Community (EAC) led inter-Burundi dialogue and urged all parties involved in the conflict to demonstrate commitment to the dialogue process.

He expressed concern at the continued atrocities perpetrated in the eastern DRC, saying the existence of negative forces in the area continued to pose great threats to peace and stability in the region.