Administrators urged to end cattle rustling

The government is committed to ending cattle rustling menace that has dogged regions inhabited by pastoralist communities for decades.

Marsabit County Commissioner (CC), Mr. Moffat Kangi said on Wednesday that the move was not just to end crime but also to ensure prudent use of state resources.

Kangi directed chiefs and their assistants to take charge as they would be held responsible for any livestock theft incident reported in their areas of jurisdiction.

He was addressing national government administrators who included, deputy county commissioners and assistant county commissioners from Marsabit North, Marsabit Central and Laisamis sub-counties at the local ACK hall.

Kangi lamented that enormous resources that could have been channeled to development programmes were being used on security operations.

The CC pointed out that if chiefs and their assistants performed duty as expected, the operations to recover stolen animals that are normally hidden in their areas could be avoided.

He noted that livestock theft fueled by proliferation of illegal guns remains the main source of insecurity in the County which he said requires serious strategies to bring the menace to an end.

Kangi expressed concern that despite the government allocating huge resources to development the pace has always been slow due to the menace.

He warned the administrators against engaging in partisan clan politics that serve to create disunity among residents but to instead expend their energies in building cohesion and peaceful coexistence among residents.

Kangi further ordered deputy county commissioners to ensure that chiefs stay in their areas of work and those found to reside outside be removed from employment.

“If any chief or assistant chief runs away from his people, I will run after you”, he cautioned.

By Sebastian Miriti

Source: Kenya News Agency