Administrators cautioned against graft

Meru County Deputy County Commissioners have been urged to be more proactive in having existing laws safeguarding public security enforced to the letter.

The remarks were made Friday during a beginning of the year county security enhancement strategies meeting chaired by the county commissioner, Mr. Wilfred Nyagwanga. He said that the administrators had a duty to lead by example by not condoning any form of graft.

Mr. Nyagwanga emphasised the need to have all bar owners in the nine sub-counties made to stick to working hours as per work licenses to avoid converting their premises into hide outs for criminals.

He pointed out that some administrators were being accused of colluding with people out to compromise public security to assist crime suspects evade facing the full force of the law for their actions.

The administrator said every public officer in the county should uphold dignity and integrity while on duty saying everybody would be judged by the quality of services delivered to the public.

Mr. Nyagwanga further said that nobody would be shielded against unprofessionalism and laxity by supervisors saying the performance score card remained the most viable yard stick to justify each officer’s pay.

On illicit brews in the sub-counties, Mr. Nyagwanga regretted that the battle was far from being won since some officers in the field had relaxed in enforcing crackdown on the illicit brew.

By Makaa Margaret