Addendum No.1 Clarification on Tender No MU/T/1/2019-2020 for Provision of Insurance Services

To all Participaitng Bidders:

Queries Raised by some of the interested Parties as follows;

i) Requirement no. 4.2.2 must have Bank Guarantee of Kenya shillings as below deposited with the commissioner of insurance and a copy be submitted.

A) General insurance of Kshs. 3 million

B) Life Assurance of Kshs 5 million

Kindly note that the requirement for a broker’s bank Guarantee is Kshs 3 million as approved by commissioner of insurance

ii) Requirement no.4.2.3 must have professional identity insurance cover of at least Kenya shillings. as below and a copy be submitted

A) General insurance Kshs. 100 million

B) Life Assurance Kshs. 200 million

Kindly note that only a single professional indemnity insurance policy applies to all classes of insurance

Moi University clarifications on the above issues

i) Requirement’s No 4.2.2 will remain as stated in the tender document.

ii) Requirement No. 4.2.3 will remain as stated in the tender document.

Note that the requirements are the same as last year tender.

Source: Moi University