ADC workers receive salary arrears

At least 25,000 workers of the Agricultural Development Co-operation (ADC) farms in Trans Nzoia received their 15 months’ salary arrears after the government offered the 10 ADC farms Sh. 200 million for the purpose.

The workers, both permanent and casual from different firms in the county started receiving cheques from the General Manager, Dr. Richard Naibei on Sunday at Olekatongo farm in Endebbes Sub-County.

Speaking while issuing the first cheque to Olekatongo ADC farm, Naibei asked all workers to open bank accounts, saying no worker will be paid in cash.

Naibei said the arrears accrued from non- payment of workers’ salaries owing to natural calamities that hit the farms sometime back.

In 2014 for instance hail stones destroyed seed crops worth Shs. 380 million making us incur a lot of losses, he said.

He dismissed rumors that workers were being paid in form of milk and maize as salary, adding it was an arrangement with workers that they could take food stuffs, including milk and maize then have the cost deducted from their salary at the end of the month.

We have a check off system where workers take milk and maize and deduction are made at the end of the month, he clarified.

Speaking during the same function, Endebbes Member of Parliament (MP), Robert Pokose hailed the government for bailing out the corporation, adding that workers had despaired.

He took the opportunity to ask residents of the region to vote in President Uhuru Kenyatta, adding that past governments had failed to resolve the problem facing ADC farms.

Pokose, however, asked the management of the farms to start income generating projects that will help the institutions run its affairs without waiting for the government’s aid.

Source: Kenya News Agency