Acute shortage of blood hits Siaya hospitals

An acute shortage of transfusion blood has hit public hospitals in Siaya hence endangering the lives of patients seeking emergency services.

The county blood transfusion services coordinator, Tom Okwaro says that their blood banks at Siaya county referral, Bondo and Yala sub county hospitals had run out of stock.

Speaking to the media in Siaya, Okwaro said they were unable to raise the daily demand of an average of 100 units of blood.

We currently have only 30 units of donated blood which is far below the 100 units that is required across the region daily, he said.

He said that the situation was compounded by the school holidays, adding that the education institutions are their major sources of donated blood.

Okwaro expressed hope that the situation will be reversed once the schools re-open next week.

The coordinator appealed to the public to voluntarily donate blood by walking into the major health facilities in the county.

Our county and sub county hospitals offer blood donor services on a daily basis and I would urge our people to walk in and donate blood so as to save lives, he appealed.

Source: Kenya News Agency