Act now to end rampant cases of corruption in government


_: I have read the report by the Auditor-General and heard the concerns of Kenyans on the streets.

All sorts of negative sentiments have been said about governors and the ministry officials whose counties and ministries were unable to account for state funds.

Of late, we have seen social accountability forums, from WhatsApp and Facebook groups to Twitter hash tags pressing the government to take responsibility for the mess.

In as much as social media creates soft pressure which can lead to something bigger, mere talking, Facebook updates and tweets will not lead to change.

We must build our institutions that fight graft.

The police department must be able to investigate and arrest suspects without fear.

The Ethics and Anti -Corruption Commission’s capacity must be enhanced to crush the so called ‘‘untouchables.’’

Citizens bear the greatest responsibility in the fight against graft and must be empowered through ethical teachings in schools.

Community-based organisations and the civil society at county level must demand answers to the audit queries that affect their respective counties.

To win the war on corruption, we have to devolve the fight and let citizens own it.

The government and the people must come together to achieve this objective.

Fighting corruption is not just good governance, it is self-defence. It is patriotism.