ACK Archbishop Requests government to reinstated switched off TV stations

The government has been requested to reinstate television channels which have been switched off.

Archbishop of Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Jackosn Ole Sapit has said government should avoid limiting Kenyans in accessing information from various television stations.

Sapit speaking during inauguration of Kahuro church in Murang’a on Sunday noted that Kenyans are knowledgeable and can differentiate false and true information channels through media.

Limiting Kenyans to information, the archbishop said is denying people right to access of information.

I appeal to the government to switch on television channels which have been switched and allow Kenyans access information. Our people are wise and can differentiate true information from false ones, said Sapit.

He lauded government for allowing NASA coalition of having their meeting of ‘swearing in’ their leader say the occasion had no impact in the country.

I once requested the government to allow the opposition to have their meeting and the authorities did it well by not allowing police confront the NASA supporters. They had what they are calling ‘swearing in’ and went home peacefully, and that is over now, but we all recognize the government of Uhuru Kenyatta, observed the Archbishop.

Sapit further asked media practitioners to always report what is correct and avoid giving sensational information which may drag the country into more divisions.

Media should always strive to give comprehensive and correct information because on my case I have been misquoted severally but as shepherd of God I will always stand with the truth, he remarked.

He further said the government should avoid arresting those who participated in the occasion saying by arresting them is giving the NASA occasion relevance and mileage.

The government should ignore some of the individuals who participated in the occasion as many are waiting to be arrested so as to gain political mileage, he added.

He request members of the clergy to be in frontline in preaching for unity and cohesion saying church leaders have responsibility of healing the country.

My appeal to church leaders is to use their wisdom in healing this country and make sure Kenyans coexist in a peaceful manner, added Sapit.

Speaking during the same occasion, Vice Chairman of the Private Security Regulatory Authority Board Mr. Eric Okeyo asked Kenyans to live in peace and avoid divisive politics championed by some individuals.

Okeyo who was among individuals who supported construction of the Kahuro Anglican church said government should ignore those seeking fame through arrests.

The government can only deal with individuals who are extremely on the wrong doings like those calling for removal of presidents portraits but others who just attended January 30 NASA meeting should be given blackout, he noted.

Okeyo said the country needs healing and promotion of national unity so as to allow attainment of development.

Source: Kenya News Agency