ACK Arch Bishop calls for fairness

The Anglican Church of Kenya Arch Bishop, Jackson Ole Sapit, has called for adherence to justice and fairness as they are the foundation of global peace.

Subscription and pursuance of these virtues, stressed Arch Bishop, promoted love upon which unity is based.

The cleric implored Kenyans to appreciate and recognise individuals with various gifts since these may be used to transform the society.

He contended that the value of anything was a question of perception, citing a case where a land lord discarded a log only to later buy it dearly after a craftsman, who collected it as a waste, added value to it.

The sculpture by the craftsman was displayed in an open space in the sitting room of the landlord for all to see, said the cleric.

The cleric was addressing a huge crowd in Kakamega town Saturday when he opened a multi-million shilling house of Maseno North Diocese Bishop, Right Rev. Simon Okech.

The Arch Bishop called for liaison between all religious and political leaders to enhance socio-economic development in their respective areas.

Noting that they were all influential in society, Ole Sapit said the latter were good at fund raising for various development activities and projects.

He thanked the government for heeding the church’s counsel in stopping application of excessive force on unarmed citizenry that protested in parts of the country after the announcement of results of the last week’s General Elections.

The Bishop also commended NASA for reneging on its earlier refusal to contest in court the declaration of President Kenyatta as the President elect last week by IEBC.

Right Reverends Dr. Robert Magina, Professor Hannington Kodia, Dr. Joseph Wandera, George Muchuma and Tim Wambunya of Nambale, Bondo, Mumias, Bungoma and Butere ACK dioceses respectively, were among those present.

Source: Kenya News Agency