About Us

Different kinds of news on our website are the reflections of our professionalism and the pride of being a trustworthy source of publishing news is what which we have had since the launching of our news website, as we have strived only for one thing and that is to never get off the track that makes us stick to the norms of the journalism. This website brings the happenings of all the sectors of Kenya, with also covering the news from the rest of the world. Over the course of many years of struggle, we have achieved the landmark of becoming the right source to find the current happenings in the African region for the people of other regions.

As we proudly say that we have achieved the landmark to make our regular readers from all over the world, so behind it there is the devotion of publishing the authentic news taken from the news sources of our website, which are in almost every sector. Spicing up news is not practiced as far as our news website is concerned, because news must be published as it is. Being a responsible online news website, we must ensure that our news does not affect the society in a wrong way and for that we constantly have to examine the credibility of our news sources.

The purpose of this website is also to witness the economic boom in the African region, and for that we collaborate with different businesses and encourage the owners of different startup businesses to use the platform provided by our news website to reach the international audience and get their businesses introduced in other regions. The Knowledge Bylanes lets the owners of businesses leverage its better reputation in order to get many benefits such as effective marketing exposure and sound number of traffic to their websites. That is why Kenya Press Releases Services is the best choice of the owners of different businesses.

On social media websites our presence is stronger than other online news websites, because we consider social media as the lifeline of our news website. The regular readers of our website, gives us their valued feedbacks about different sorts of news on our website and that is not all we also encourage them to guide us more as how to improve our news website more. This makes them feel that we value them and as we succeed in achieving it, it strengthens our reputation more. We want to let them come across the happenings around them with comfort and that is why we have come up with services such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds.