A woman injured in attack by estranged husband

Police in Voi have launched a hunt for a man who slashed his wife’s head with a machete after failing to convince her to move in back with him after a year of separation.

The victim, Ms. Clemence Mwarimbo, sustained deep head injuries and was rushed to St. Joseph Shelter of Hope hospital in critical condition.

She was treated and discharged on Thursday morning, but there are fears she might require specialized treatment.

Speaking to KNA on Thursday at Voi Human Rights Watch offices, the victim said her husband had called her and threatened to commit suicide.

He had said he would leave a suicide note that would name me as the cause, she told KNA.

In panic, she left her mother’s home and went to her husband’s house to inquire on why he wanted to frame her.

While in the house, he demanded that she returns home forcibly, but she refused.

It is at this time that he unleashed his dogs and set them up against me. As I fled, with him hot in pursuit while wielding a machete, I tripped and fell down, Mwarimbo narrated her ordeal.

She said her deranged husband cut her twice on the head and that her calls of distress alerted the neighbours who rushed to the scene and saved her life, as the attacker fled into the bushes.

The victim’s mother Ms. Holliness Mwarimbo, said the man wanted to kill her daughter and then commit suicide.

She further alleged that the suspect’s blackmail to frame her was a cover up for his real intentions.

She urged the police to arrest him and charge him for attempted murder.

Voi OCPD Joseph Chesire confirmed the incident stating the police had launched a manhunt for the suspect.

He advised couples to seek expert counsel from marriage counselors, elders or the church when experiencing disputes saying fighting and other violent means only aggravated the issues.

The suspect vanished after the heinous act. We are pursuing him and we are confident we will get him, the OCPD said.

The incident comes at a time when cases of gender based violence are on the rise.

Last week, a woman was arraigned in court after she assaulted her two nieces for not sitting for a school exam, and in July, an 11-year old boy in Wundanyi had his private parts chopped off by his uncle who later claimed to be insane.

Human rights activists want concerted efforts by government agencies and other stakeholders in fighting the vice.

An official with Sauti ya Wanawake, Ms. Makrina Mwamburi, said there was need to mete out severe sentences to such offenders as a deterrent measure.

These cases are getting out of hand. We need stiff sentences to teach potential offenders a lesson, she said.

Source: Kenya News Agency