A multi-billion Shillings project to benefit civil servants

The Kenyan civil servants welfare association is set to construct 11,000 affordable houses for their members and other citizens in Kiambu County.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call at the Kiambu information office , the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the association said they had set aside 16 billion shillings for the ambitious project.

Mr. Ngariuku added that the cost after construction on completion will be valued at ksh 30 billion shillings. The units he said would comprise some 3 bedroom houses which will cost 6 million shillings while those for 2 bedroom will cost 4 million shillings.

Saying the project was in line with the Presidential agenda of affordable housing during his second term, he noted that the project will have social amenities which include a shopping mall, swimming pool and a nursery school making it habitable for any family setup. He noted that the holistic construction was meant to ease accessibility for the home owners so that they do not travel far away in such of the same amenities.

He noted that the construction project was being funded by some investor from the United Kingdom (UK) and is expected to commence between the months of April and May this year. It is envisaged that the project will take between 2- 3 years to complete and already for occupation.

The Kenya civil servants association was registered in 1985 and now had a total of 85,000 members registered out of 300,000 civil servants. The association was formed with the aim of assisting civil servants to improve on their welfare as they continued serving the government

He further revealed that the welfare was supporting members who intended to pursue their education and that currently, they were 2500 students that are given school advances and 19 students from different universities which will later be repaid after they get jobs.

He said the houses will be built in the area between Kamiti and Ruiru where the association had already acquired 100 acres and the land is already fenced.

He informed that they are also planning to help the civil servants in Kiambu County to build their houses by constructing for them the homes then allow them to pay through the check off system for convenience.

The CEO pointed out that it applies to the civil servants that have pay slips which were not overcommitted so that they do not strain while investing in the housing project. He added that they have 85,000 members paid only 200 shillings as monthly subscription which he noted was affordable to all cadres of employees

The housing project will act as a major boost to affordable housing which is one of president Uhuru Kenyatta’s big four agenda for the country, a promise he made when he was sworn in for the second term.

The president promised that the government would build a total of 1 million affordable houses for civil servants and the rest 700,000 for members of the public before the year 2022.Following the directive, various stakeholders have been working round the clock with a view of providing affordable housing to as many citizens as possible.

Source: Kenya News Agency