A man admitted in hospital with severed genitals

A man who chased his wife away, sold the family land and went to live with a widow has been left writhing in pain after his genitals were severed.

Eliud Kithaka Kimuu, 40 from Kang’aru village of Kirinyaga West Sub-County was said to have been assaulted by the widow while asleep.

The victim’s parents said he sold his half acre piece of land at Sh 420,000 and left his matrimonial home.

He is said to have moved in with a widow from Thumaita village where they have been living together until last Sunday.

My son left our home some time ago after he sold his inheritance land against our will as his parents and after hurling insults at us, claimed his parents John Kimuu and Faith Wanjiru.

The shocked parents Wednesday said after learning about the assault of their son they did all they could to get him treated but in vain.

We learnt with dismay of the brutal assault on our son but since he is in dire need of medication, we have forgiven him and ready to take him back home, Kimuu said.

It is alleged the Sunday night incident occurred after the man failed to sustain the widow’s high standard of living after he exhausted the land sale proceeds.

The man is said to have gone to the widow’s house drunk and slept after which the woman picked a knife and severed his genitals before fleeing.

The matter was reported to the police as villagers tried to administer first aid.

Area OCPD Cecily Gatititi said a manhunt for the assailant has been launched adding the suspect could not go far as she is well known.

By Wednesday morning, the man in visible serious pain was said to be struggling to seek emergency treatment but in vain due to the current nurses’ strike.

Source: Kenya News Agency