A charcoal recycling machine to reduce fuel consumption

A local CBO has designed a charcoal recycling machine that can drastically reduce fuel consumption and help in environmental conservation efforts currently being undertaken in the country.

Speaking during a demonstration of the equipment, a member of the CBO, Kirinyaga Farmers Information Centre Foundation Joseph Kangangi said the gear can harness a maximum of 100 Kilogrammes of fuel in three days from used charcoal dust and soil.

Kangangi who was speaking at Kirimunge Primary School explained the advantages of using the new fuel.

The technology which utilizes used charcoal dust mixed with soil at a ratio of four- to-one is powered by an electric motor manned by three people.

The mixture is then sieved before mixing with water and then passed through the machine before the processed briquettes are dried and packaged in one and two kg bags for marketing.

Kangangi however, say the local community was yet to accept the new carbonized fuel despite its low cost and longevity in use as compared to conventional wood and charcoal.

We are still educating the people on the need to use the new recycled fuel he said.

We are currently working with retailers to advertise our products before we get funds to open a main centre.”

The group which comprises 20 members is currently looking for funds for a bigger machine and a modern oven which can dry their products faster.

Source: Kenya News Agency