573 people killed in north rift region, KNCHR Report

Some 573 people were killed in the North Rift region between 2005 and 2015 over cattle rustling, a Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) report indicates.

Some more 1, 752 Kenyans were injured while 589 houses were burnt down during the cattle rustling incidents in the region.

The report titled, Public inquiry on insecurity and its impact on the enjoyment of human rights in Kenya that was released Wednesday at an Eldoret hotel, showed the most affected regions were Marigat, Yatia, Baratabwa, Chemolingot, Kapedo, Kolowa, and Kapenguria where 27 public hearing sessions were conducted.

The commission’s chairperson Ms. Kagwiria Mbogori said the major cause of conflicts in the region was diverse culture and different ethnic groups resident there.

Other causes are historical and cultural while others are contemporary and county specific. The historical causes explain the Pokot/iLchamus, Pokot/Tugen, Pokot/Marakwet and Pokot/Turkana conflicts, she said.

She added that the cultural causes include high bride price and high expectations set by the traditional community that compel young men to acquire own cattle for payment of dowry.

Contemporary causes include political incitement from leaders and shifting administrative boundaries, said Mbogori.

The report adds that authorities put in place to enforce security also led to the violation of human rights in the region.

Counties bordering the North Rift region were also identified as catalysts of conflict due to spread of illegal firearms as a result of porous borders.

Other violations of human rights include lack of access to education, right to health, right to access water, right to own property and poor infrastructure.

Source: Kenya News Agency