12 families evicted from land they illegally occupied

Twelve families from Kapsiran clan were evicted from a clan land they illegally occupied in Moror village of Marakwet East of Elgeyo Marakwet County following a court order that was served to them by an Eldoret Magistrate Court July last year.

The land in question allegedly belong to Kasagur clan who were pushed into Embobut forest by Kapsiran clan after they had clashed with Pokot community several years.

The conflict made them leave their clan land in Ketut to settle in the said land said Emmanuel Rono OCPD Marakwet East who implemented the Court Order.

He said that after the eviction of squatters in Embobut forest the members of Kasagur clan claim that they were not compensated like the other squatters because they had their clan land now occupied by

Kapsiran clan rendering them landless in their own home.

Rono said that the twelve families were yesterday evicted to pave way for the rightful owners of the land to occupy it as they were still living with some of their relatives a move that has made them poor as they cannot cultivate their land that is their only source of income.

“We were there yesterday with a team of officers to carry out that eviction and though we found their houses abandoned, they still had crops in their farms,” said Rono, adding that the evictees will be

allowed to harvest their crops even after they have moved out.

By Anne Cheruiyot