1, 000 children benefit from firefighting training

At least 1, 000 pupils from Kosovo Primary School in Mathare estate of Nairobi County have benefitted from a one week firefighting training from America Firefighting Fire Mission personnel.

The Programme Manager, Ms. Nancy Moore told KNA from Thika stadium that the children were trained from October 16 by a group of 25 fire fighters who travelled from US and Poland for the training session.

Moore, the lead trainer of the team currently in Kenya, expressed the need of imparting firefighting skills in young children whom she said were most vulnerable.

She said in most cases children were exposed to accidents where they were hurt or even died in fire-related accidents both at home or in learning institutions.

Moore who has visited the country severally, commended the children whom she said showed a lot of enthusiasm and interest in learning more skills.

She said the children had been trained on Stop Prop and Roll and Get Low and Get Out methods which gave skills pertaining to exercise patience in case of danger and how they should handle and behave if they were caught up in such scenarios.

She further noted that the primary school pupils were taught how to prevent fire from candles and lamps when cooking from electricity and sounding the alarm when they were faced with accidents.

The pupils were also exposed to evacuation drills, use of fire extinguishers among other life techniques that would help them save lives in case of accidents.

She added that the lessons were integrated with evangelism, songs, games and coloring.

The pupils from the sprawling slums of Mathare could not hide their joy from the training which came soon after 10 girls died in a dormitory fire at Moi Girls High School in Nairobi City County early September this year.

Source: Kenya News Agency