0ver 7800 older persons of 70-years and above registered in Kilifi

Seven thousand, eighty hundred and sixty two older persons aged 70 years and above have been added into the government’s Inua Jamii programme in Kilifi County bringing the number to 19,991 persons.

According to the ministry of East African Community, Labour and Social protection which launched the programme in July 2017, it had a target of 29,000 older persons of the age bracket to be registered in the area.

County coordinator for social development Ms. Dorah Chovu told the national government service delivery coordination committee meeting in Kilifi Wednesday; the initial cash transfer for the older persons had criteria of entry point of 65 years, but the current cash transfer programme was all inclusive provided one had attained the age of 70 years.

She said the set target by the ministry may not have been attained by the end of August 31, 2017 due to exit by death or inclusion of some elderly persons in the exception lists.

Chovu said those in the exception lists and not the payroll may have been left out due to sharing of identity card numbers or being listed as both beneficiaries and care givers.

She said a recent tour by social assistance unit ministry officials and consultants and communication advisors from the World Bank who held a series of meetings with some of the beneficiaries established some gaps in the system and suggested ways of addressing them.

It was revealed that some cash transfers either took too long to reach the beneficiaries or sometimes, care givers never took the cash to them. It was also established that some care givers continued to draw the funds even after the beneficiaries have passed on, she said.

Chovu said by the end of August 2017, those 70- years and above added to the register included 1472 in Kilifi North, 1245 in Kilifi South, 1229 in Kaloleni and 1040 in Ganze. Others are 993 in Rabai, 956 in Malindi and 927 in Magarini Sub Counties respectively.

Source: Kenya News Agency