Zambian president confident of another win

Zambia President Edgar Lungu says he was confident of winning next year’s elections despite the country’s economic meltdown.
“You honestly doubt that?” President Lungu asked in response to a question from a journalist, before laughter.
“We shall win, and we will win convincingly.”
The president was holding the first press conference ever for governing Patriotic Front (PF) party since it assumed power in 2011 after beating the Movement for Multiparty Democracy on a promise of creating jobs. 
Local trips
President Lungu, 59, has only been in power for 10 months.
He announced a number of fiscal measures, including cutting down on both foreign and local trips by his ministers.
President Lungu ordered a stop to quoting of commodity prices in US dollar.
Zambia’s economy has generally been slumping. The currency was battered and mines were cutting jobs in thousands, a situation which had stoked tension in the Copperbelt Province.
Power cuts
The currency, in the copper-dependent economy, has suffered shocks due to the reduced metal prices on the international market.
President Lungu spent over seven days in the region seeking to calm fears over job loses.
PF was led to power by Michael Sata, famed as action-man, who died in 2014 after three years at the helm.
Apart from the weakened currency, the southern African nation of 14.5 million people was grappling with power cuts due to low water levels at the country’s main source of power at the man-made Kariba Dam.