You may have sight, but do you have vision?


This week, I’d like to introduce you to two powerful concepts this week-the power of inner vision and destination thinking. Hellen Keller famously said that the only thing that was worse than being blind was having sight but no vision. Everyone with inner vision will withstand difficult circumstances because they have a clear picture of what their future looks like.

Take the story of Joseph, he had a vision that one day he would be so great that everyone, including his own brothers, would bow to him. He shared this vision with his brothers but they did not like the idea that they would bow to him. As a result, they sold him to slave-dealers from Egypt. Joseph did not lose his inner vision.

He was bought by an Egyptian and made a slave in his household. The story goes on to tell of how Joseph ended up in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. He still maintained his high standards and was made head over others while in prison. Joseph had a gift which he made good use of. He was able to interpret dreams for others and did it for free.

One night, he interpreted dreams for two of his colleagues in jail. One was the former cup-bearer of the king. Joseph told him that he would be restored to his former position. All this came to pass.

Then one day, the king had a disturbing dream. Although he called in experts to interpret it, none of them did so to the king’s satisfaction. Then the cup-bearer remembered Joseph and told the king about him. When Joseph came before the king, he was able to interpret the dream, which was about seven years of plenty which would be followed by seven years of drought in the land of Egypt.


Joseph told the king that there was need for someone who would ensure that the country was ready for the seven years of drought. The king decided that Joseph was the man and made him second in command to him.

His dream eventually came true because one day his brothers came from their land in search of food since the seven year drought extended beyond Egypt. They bowed before their brother, not knowing that he was the one.

It is a long story with several lessons. First, you need to have an inner vision. This inner vision will guide you even in difficult circumstances. Quick question: Do you know the special talents and gifts that have been bestowed on you?

How are you using them? Joseph had the power to interpret dreams and made his name doing so. How are you making your name so that when the time comes, you will be identified for as a forerunner in your area of strength?

Next question: do you have destination thinking? Are you aware of your destination? If so, how are you preparing for it? Are you inclined to complain when things are not working your way? That is not destination thinking.

The month of July is always a cold month in Kenya, so people dress warmly for it. However, the exception is almost always seen at the airport at the international departures section. There you will encounter people dressed in shorts and other light clothing.

They are dressed for their destination. Although you might be in a difficult position right now, dress your mind for your destination so that the criticism and negativity doesn’t get to you. Joseph had a lot against him. He had been sold as a slavery by his own brothers and was thrown into jail for a crime he didn’t commit. He didn’t get bitter— he got better.

Focus on your destination and keep your inner vision intact. One day soon, it will come to pass!