Woman found guilty of killing her husband


A woman who stabbed her husband to death following a domestic dispute was on Tuesday convicted of manslaughter.

Margaret Mutua was cleared of murder charges against her husband, Mr Jackson Kimeu, who was killed in Nairobi three years ago.

High Court judge Stella Mutuku said: “After consideration of the circumstances surrounding the stabbing of Mr Kimeu, I find that malice aforethought on the part of the accused has not been established. Instead, the crime of manslaughter has been proved. I hereby convict her of manslaughter.”


On October 2, 2012, Mr Kimeu’s nephew went to the crime scene with another man who had called him to inform him about a confrontation between the couple.

They found Mr Kimeu had a deep stab wound on the left leg. He was alive but could not talk.

They also found Margaret Mutua cleaning blood on the floor.

The two took Mr Kimeu to Mama Lucy Hospital, where he died.

A neighbour told the court that he heard screams at 10.30pm and found Mr Kimeu bleeding profusely, while Mutua was administering first aid.

Mutua said her husband had been calling her earlier while she was in church but she could not answer the phone.

She said her husband came home around 11pm and demanded to know why she had been rude to him by not answering her phone.

She said he then slapped and kicked her.