Wema Sepetu’s death message worries fans


Tanzanian star Wema Sepetu’s recent postings on social media are worrying her fans.

The former Miss Tanzania and ex-girlfriend to Bongo musician Diamond, on Wednesday posted a disquieting message on Instagram foreboding her death.

“Remember there is death. There is a day you will be called ‘the late’. Put that in your head. I’m thinking my day is soon Alhamdulillahi for everything, though,” she wrote.

Concerned fans who commented on her post tried to comfort her and asked her to end her beef with fellow actress Kajala Masanja, whom she fell out with. Kajala and Sepetu were close friends, even prompting her (Sepetu) to pay a fine of Tsh13 million (Ksh615,000 (on behalf of Kajala, who risked going to jail for eight years on charges of conspiracy and illegal transfer of property. Inside sources say the two do not like each other’s friends, and Sepetu found out that Kajala was badmouthing her.