We wish all candidates success in examination

Today, more than 900,000 candidates will be rehearsing for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examination, which starts on Tuesday.

All the candidates will be hoping that they will do well enough to secure a place in Form One come February.

This is a momentous time for the candidates and competition for limited places in secondary school puts many under pressure to perform well.

The examination comes against the background of the cheating that has marred the integrity of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination, highlighting the need for schools to inculcate in the young generation the value of honesty in a highly competitive world.

If Kenya is to win the war against corruption, it must start by teaching such values as honesty and integrity to its youthful population.

The authorities need to demonstrate that graft will not be tolerated by punishing those found engaging in the vice.

Secondly, there is still great need to expand post-primary education opportunities so that those who do not secure Form One admission can have access to other training alternatives in vocations, the arts and crafts, and other pursuits that can turn them into productive adults who can make wealth for themselves, create jobs, and drive economic growth.

It is also important for learners to be taught that they are important citizens irrespective of their performance in this week’s examination and that each one of them can play a positive role to make Kenya a better country by exploiting their talents and other abilities to achieve self-actualisation while contributing to nation-building.

In this spirit, we wish the KCPE candidates success in the examinations and their future endeavours.