Use your words wisely if you want to prosper


We last week agreed that it is wrong to complain about other people or to speak behind their backs. Whenever we say good things to others, we plant are planting seeds of success in their minds.

Your opinion of yourself is formed by what people say about yourself as well as what you say to yourself. If you are fond of saying that you are poor, everything in your life will work to prove that you are poor. You create your world by the words you say to yourself because words attract things and circumstances into your life.

Look at your current situation. What you are experiencing right now is not a reflection of your current situation but the result of thoughts you had in the past. What you are today is the fulfilment of the words you used on yourself some time ago.

The words we sometimes use on ourselves are the kinds of words we wouldn’t use on our sworn enemies. Whenever you say something about yourself, please make a point of saying something positive about yourself because that thing will manifest in your life.

There are limitless possibilities of the kind of person you can become, based on the words you speak to yourself. The good thing about words is that you can choose positive ones. Unfortunately, most people find it to say negative things to themselves than positive ones.


Other people may say negative things about you. As long as you don’t believe these words, they will not find a home in your heart. They will not fall on fertile ground in your mind. However, if you believe these words, they will find a place in your life and manifest themselves.

There is a story of a teacher who had two students by the name John. One was very bothersome and poor in class while the other was the complete opposite. The class had an open day, during which the parents would come to discuss their children’s grades with the teachers. The mother of the boy with poor grades came to hear about her son’s performance. Since the teacher didn’t know either parent, she naturally assumed that this must be the mother of the John who performed well.

She therefore extoled the values of the poor performing boy to his mother, saying that he was really trying hard to be the best. John sat in awe, listening to his teacher praise him in front of his mother. He had always thought that he was the worst.

As he walked home, he resolved to live up to the expectations of his teacher. From then on, his marks improved, as did his attendance of school. The teachers’ words led him to find in himself the ability to excel. It was there all the time, just waiting to be activated.

There was a woman whose son was stranded on top of a mountain in bad weather. All the expert climbers said that it was impossible to get to the top of the mountain in such bad weather. As they waited at the foot of the hill for the weather to clear, they saw two figures emerge from the fog. It was the boy and his mother. Although she had no skills in mountain climbing, she achieved the feat because there was one major motivation-her son needed her.

People have what it takes to succeed. They only lack the knowledge that they can and the motivation to do it. I love to see the best in others. I have made a habit of complimenting those around me. Their smiles and happiness makes it worthwhile. When you compliment others genuinely, you activate the good that was always in them and permit them to become great!

You don’t lose anything by pointing out the good in others-try it today!