Uhuru urges Kenyans to embrace peace as nation prepares to receive Pope


President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged Kenyans to embrace peace, reconciliation and forgiveness as the nation prepares to receive the Pope.

Kenya will be the first stop on Pope Francis’ first visit to Africa.

Speaking at the Apostles of Jesus Shrine in Karen, Nairobi where he received one of the world’s largest replicas of the Ark of the Covenant, President Kenyatta said that the ark was a symbol of peace and reconciliation.

“This is a symbol of peace, reconciliation and unity and I believe there are great times ahead for all of us; all we need is to believe in one another, to trust one another and most importantly for all of us to have faith in our Lord,” said the President.

The President said that the Ark was an affirmation that Kenya was a Godly nation believes in God’s guidance.


However, President Kenyatta declined to discuss politics saying his agenda was to receive the gift from Israel.

“Today we are here for the purpose of receiving a great gift therefore I will not speak about politics,” said the President.

Sr Grace Gupana, who presented the replica ark, said it had been made from wood, fibre glass and iron.

She said that there are only seven such replicas, one for each continent, and the Shrine in Karen, will be the home of the replica for the continent of Africa.

It is engraved with the Ten Commandments, manna and also the map of Aaron.

The Kenyan ambassador to Israel Augustine Njoroge said that the Ark will serve as a reminder of God’s presence in the country ahead of the Pope’s visit.

“The ark has an important significance to the people of Kenya as it’s a reminder of the presence of God ahead of the pope visit,” said Mr Njoroge.

He added that the ark was a blessing as it would reconcile the nation.

Mr Njoroge said that Kenya’s nature of being a peaceful country had made it ideal for the visit of great people in the world including US President Barack Obama and the Pope.