Tuskys set to open 75 shops at Shell stations

Tuskys Supermarket has moved to open convenience stores at 75 Shell-branded fuel stations, operated by Vivo Energy Kenya, as part of its expansion strategy.

The supermarket has already opened two such shops along Thika Road in a model where it largely stocks fast-moving consumables in the premises leased from Vivo.

“We will serve confectionaries, daily top ups like milk, sugar and bread, we will also be very strong in pre-packed ready meals for travellers and ready coffee,” said Tuskys chief executive Dan Githua in an interview.

“The first round will be Nairobi and its environs as we move outward rapidly to all major towns where Vivo has a footprint.”

The first two stores along Thika Road are located at Shell’s stations at Mountain Mall and at Survey area next to the General Service Unit.

The new concept stores are expected to create 900 jobs. The shops are fairly small in size with staff counts ranging from 12 to 20, with target customers being motorists. The expansion is funded through borrowing. Tuskys management did not disclose how much it will spend and which bank is lending to them.

“We are funding the expansion from bank finances and again the cost will vary from store to store and the equipment requirements, the actual challenge is supply chain requirement because of the frequency of restocking required,” said Mr Githua.