TSC should remember that it is an independent commission


I would like to comment on the reply of Mr Kihumba Kamotho from the Teachers Service Commission’s corporate communications department last week to an earlier letter by a reader.

It is worrying to note the extent to which the commission has lost its independence.

While the Constitution in Article 237 (1) creates an independent commission with the sole mandate to recruit and remunerate teachers, the commission has proved that it cannot live by that constitutional aspiration, if such comments by Mr Kamotho and the actions by its commissioners are anything to go by.

Mr Kamotho should know that he is not the spokesman of the Executive, nor does he work for the presidential strategic communication team.

TSC needs to be reminded that it is a separate and independent commission, not the mouthpiece of an Executive that is insensitive to teachers’ welfare.

It is laughable that Mr Kamotho cites the ongoing case at the Court of Appeal in his defence of the President, yet TSC and the government have openly displayed unwillingness to abide by a ruling that favoured the teachers.

That is why TSC is running to every court to seek injunctions to stop the pay increase.

Since the matter is still active in the courts, the government needs to be reminded that issues of teacher remuneration are not and have never been an expenditure; they are a social economic investment for the future.