Traffic police panic as vetting panel targets M-Pesa accounts

Officers in the traffic police department in Mombasa are in panic following a revelation that their M-Pesa accounts will be scrutinised in the ongoing vetting exercise.

A commissioner with the Johnston Kavuludi-led National Police Service Commission (NPSC) Murshid Mohamed said that officers to be vetted must provide details of their M-Pesa accounts, bank accounts, their spouses and children under 18 years’ bank accounts as part of the process requirements.

Police officers called the Nation offices in Mombasa saying the move to zero in on M-Pesa transactions was a sure-fire proof that could land them in trouble.

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“Wakifanya hivyo wametupata (If they do that, they will find us)”, said one officer who revealed that junior officers at roadblocks or on patrol usually send cash to their seniors “following orders”.

Most corrupt

Traffic police in Kenya are considered to be among the most corrupt officials hence contributing to road accidents through negligence.

Mr Murshid who is in charge of coast and lower eastern Kenya said about 500 officers were targeted for the exercise in Mombasa County, 250 each in Kwale and Kilifi counties.

The vetting will start in two months’ time, but the police have already been given forms which they shall fill before facing the panel.