Traffic police officers to be vetted in two months


All traffic police officers will be vetted in the next two months, the National Police Service Commission (NPSC) has announced.

Speaking during a sensitisation meeting in Nyeri, Commissioner Ronald Musengi said the entire traffic department will undergo the vetting in eight weeks.

“Officers in every rank will be vetted but first we are going to take them through a sensitisation process,” said Mr Musengi.

The vetting will be done from the rank of base commanders all the way down to constables.

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officers will also go through the process with every rank being vetted.

Officers commanding police stations (OCS) will also be among those vetted in the next phase of the process by the NPSC.

According to Mr Musengi, the officers will be scrutinised because of their direct interaction with the public.

“They interact with the civilians on a daily basis and that is why we are calling on members of the public to forward any complaints to the commission,” he said.

Members of the public and stakeholders in the transport sector have been asked to present their complaints, but with proper evidence to support their claims.

“Matatu sacco officials and boda boda operators will be involved, as well as civilians,” he added.

Mr Musengi said those officers who will be dismissed after vetting will be allowed to appeal by following a review mechanism set up by the commission.