Three directors — Newton Muhoro, Job Mwangi and James Kimaru — were picked up from a Thika hotel in March last year by people who purported to be police officers and their whereabouts remains a mystery.


Police in Kiambu and Murang’a have been puzzled by the killings but believe leadership wrangles at the company were to blame for the gangland-style killings and disappearance.

Mr James Mugera, the Kiambu County police commander, said their preliminary investigations have linked the killings to the leadership wrangles pitting factions at the company against each other.

“It’s only the directors who are being targeted and it’s clear the killings are related to the company’s leadership. There is a history of two parallel groups of people claiming to be the authenticated officials,” Mr Mugera said in recent interview.

Mr Stephen Chacha, who is in charge of criminal investigations in Murang’a County, said the fight among the directors to control money was entirely to blame.

Mr Chacha said there is no remaining land to grab or sell but those in office have been collecting fees from members of the company claiming to process title deeds and other related activities.