The world stands with France in hour of need

In the early hours of Friday evening, at the end of the working week in many parts of the world, a small band of terrorists set out into the streets of Paris with murderous intent.

At the end of their rampage, about 130 people had been killed.

Millions of people got to know about the unfolding horrors while watching television because the killings started while a match between two European football giants, France and Germany, was under way.

In a display of the callous opportunism of those that seek to kill and destroy to send a political message, tens of thousands of fans and the players remained unaware of the carnage in progress outside, effectively turning into a captive audience of the catalogue of horrors taking place.

As a country that has known only too well the pain that merciless and misguided fanatics can inflict, Kenya obviously stands united with France in this hour of deepest anguish.

The world must certainly stand together to battle the scourge of terrorism that has taken an even more menacing face in recent years.

It would not be wise to rush into ever greater confrontation and war guided by justifiable anger. Instead, the voices of the peacemakers must come to the table, too.