The Obama administration in 2012 provided a much greater share of the total counter-terrorism aid to the Kenyan Police with Sh900 million (44 per cent) of the total Sh2.1 billion.

In the recent past, the US has gradually been increasing its counter-terrorism aid to the Kenya military and decreasing the amount it gives to the police.

The bulk of US military aid to Kenya this year aims to enhance the fight against terrorism through the defence department’s counter-terrorism partnership fund.

The Kenya military is also scheduled to receive additional counter-terrorism aid under peacekeeping through the partnership for regional East Africa counter terrorism account.

The US has provided funds for training on key aspects to combating terrorism, including cyber security studies.

America is the largest financier of peace missions in Africa. President Obama launched the African peacekeeping rapid response partnership last year to enhance quick deployment in six African countries.

He also launched a $65 million security governance initiative to enable Kenya, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Tunisia to strengthen their security sectors.