The eye of the storm reveals your strength


Why are some people made better by adversity while others are destroyed? We read of people who lost money and committed suicide yet people like Donald Trump lost billions and still stood strong. We cannot but refer to the story of two foundations — the one that was built on sand and the one built on a rock. The storms came to the two of them so the one that fell did not fall because of the storm. The storm only came to reveal the foundation. Storms of life come to everyone and some are swept away and some stand. The difference is our foundation. What is your foundation made up of? It will determine what happens to you when things do not go as you planned.

The interesting thing about a foundation is that it is not visible. That is very crucial. Anyone can appear to be strong when things are okay but depth is revealed in adversity. Your depth is not measured by how much you know academically. It is determined by how much you know in your heart.

How much do you believe what you say you believe? The test of belief is a trial of the belief. Until what you believe is challenged you will not really know if you believe it. In the same way, the test of a relationship is in the tough times. The best relationships are not characterised by the absence of conflict but rather in the ability to come back after each conflict – better and stronger.

So, how then do we build foundations? First we must discourage cracks. What do I mean by cracks? It is when you have adjustable standards. If when the going gets tough you take short cuts and compromise you are creating cracks in your foundation.


If you compromise on the small things, you are setting yourself up for compromising in the big things. A person who finds themselves in a position of authority and who decides to steal money did not start there. The environment only created the right setting for the cracks to be revealed. When you cheat on homework at school, cheat on grades at exams you are setting yourself up.

The creation of a facade that presents you to be what you are not is a dangerous place to be. I would rather you hate me for who I am than love me for who I am not. When people are used to taking these short cuts when a short cut to wealth appears, it will be a natural progression to take it. Practise makes perfect. When you practise deception with the small things you will perfect it by the time the big things come.

To build your foundation you must also consolidate your confidence in your person and not in your position or title. I once met a man who was a pastor and I introduced him as a pastor and he got very offended because I did not call him Doctor (even though it was an honorary title). True power does not need titles to reign. If your power comes from your office and not from your person then the day that office is not there, you are finished.

Confidence in whom God made you is key to staying focused in times of adversity. When I was going through hell I always looked in the mirror and talked to myself. I always said, ‘Wale there is more to you than what you are experiencing”. The vision of my future was greater than the pain of my experience. The result is that I had something to look forward to.

Someone might be reading this and wondering what next. I am glad to tell you that there is more to you than you are currently experiencing. Don’t look at the economy and despair. Hard times come and go but the strong get stronger.

Let us all say the same powerful and positive words about the Nation. When all people believe and say the same right thing about the country, magic happens. Remember that words become deeds and deeds become destinies.