The best things in life are not your possessions

There are many things in life that are precious and free. Most people focus, as they should, on making money and getting rich. This is important, but is not everything. There is a story about a young man whose grandfather died, leaving behind a vast estate for his grandson.

He also left a video instructing the young man on the conditions that he had to meet before getting the inheritance. The boy had lived a sheltered life and had never worked a day in his life. He had all the money, cars, friend, and freedom in the world. He also had very few problems that money couldn’t solve.

The old man had a number of conditions. The first one was that the boy was to look for a job and find himself somewhere to live. This meant leaving the huge mansion he had grown up in. in the process, he discovered just how difficult it was to find any form of employment. He slept on the streets, lost some of his phony friends and began questioning the things he had taken for granted.

He finally found a job, new friends and new meaning in life. When the boy completed all the tasks, he emerged a stronger person. He also discovered that his grandfather had wisely given him the gifts he needed to manage the huge estate he had left behind. Here are the gifts he discovered.


During his time of trial, he discovered that problems were a gift because they made him strong. He also developed survival skills in order to overcome these problems.

You may be going through a series of problems like the young man, so it is important to remember that they will one day come to pass. They will make you stronger if you don’t give up. The challenges you are facing today are preparing you for a brighter future.

Once you develop a positive perspective of the negative experiences in your life, nothing can put you down!

The second gift was that of friendship. Before the trials began, he had several false friends who hang around him because he had money. When he was thrown into the streets without money, they all disappeared into thin air. He made new, genuine friends and discovered that true friends stick with you through thick and thin. Take time to appreciate your friends.

Third, he found the gift of gratitude. He struggled to make ends meet and realised that all the things he had back home were gifts. Be grateful for everything in your life- it is a gift.

He even slept on the streets and discovered the fourth gift- the gift of a home. He experienced what it felt like to be homeless. Having a place to call home is a gift.

He also discovered the gift of giving. Some of the people on the streets needed what he had more of, so he gave it away. It was also in the process that he discovered the gifts of family, laughter, gratitude, freedom, dreaming, love and life.

How does all this apply to your organisation? Organisations that do extremely well know that it is their people, not the money that they make, that make them great.

Great organisations share problems. They share laughter, anniversaries, gratitude, dreams and tears. They also share learning and growth. Wherever you are, you have a chance to share gifts that money cannot buy.

How many things do you take for granted in your life? The best things in life are not things. They are not purchasable over the counter. Each new day and each sunset is a gift. Your health, dreams, family, friends and ability to laugh are all gifts. Even sad moments are a gift because they give you deep insights.

How many gifts can you identify in your life? Thank you for being a gift to me.