The batter should have volume, not fall flat or become doughy like chapatti dough. If the batter is too thick, add some tablespoons of milk.

With a spatula, empty the batter in the baking tin. Ensure it is even.

Put the baking tin in the preheated oven and bake for 40 to 50 minutes.

If top starts to brown, cover with foil or butter paper and continue to bake. You will know it is ready when the crust turns golden and a tooth pick or wooden skewer coming out clean.



1 cup mango puree, blended

½ cup whipping cream or low fat cream

2 to 3 tbsp honey or icing sugar


In a bowl, mix the whipping cream, honey and icing sugar. Whip until you get soft peaks

Add mango puree.

On the lowest speed, blend for a few seconds until mixed

Keep in the fridge until the cake cools down

Slice cake into equal halves. Brush some sugar syrup (1 tsp sugar dissolved in 3 to 4 tsp water) on the halves.

Evenly spread the mango mousse on lower half of the cake. Cover with the other half. Brush some sugar syrup on top of the cake. Spread remaining sugar syrup on the sides of the Cake and then spread the icing.

Cover the mango cake without touching the sides and edges. Use a large box or bowl and keep in the fridge till the mousse sets.

Slice and serve


Make pancakes using a squeeze bottle. Ladling pancake batter into a pan is most likely to make a mess. To avoid dripping batter all over the place, put it in an old condiment bottle and squeeze it out.